I have a history and not getting what I pay for, so when it came time to replace my deck, I had no other expectations. However, Design-A-Deck changed all that. From the beginning the owner, Brandon, was thorough and understood my needs.  What really sold me was the detail in describing the improvements he would make on the sub-structure and stairs. Others simply measured and sent a price.

Design-A-Deck came sooner than expected with a team of 5, including Brandon, and from demo to final product, it only took a day and a half.  The crew was friendly and described what they were doing and allowed me to watch and ask questions. They protected my landscaping, replaced displaced mulch and cleaned the deck before they left.

The outcome was spectacular and the workmanship the best.  Also, a 3 year guarantee was provided, others were 1 year.  Couldn’t be happier and definitely got what I paid for!



Brandon and his team impressed me from our first encounter through completion. This is what they do full time - and it shows! Their attention to the smallest details guaranteed that the entire project was perfect. He suggested an access door for under-deck storage. Great call! Their professionalism and skill are without question the best I've seen, and I am known to be difficult to please. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation.



Brandon, the owner of Design a Deck Incorporated, was referred to me by a friend for the demolition of my old deck and the installation of a new deck. It was by far the best referral I have ever had in my 65 years on this earth.

My wife and I set an appointment and Brandon appeared at my home on time with a booklet of pictures of previous decks that he had designed and built. All of which were beautiful, to say the least. We advised what we had in mind and he made suggestions, all of which we accepted. Brandon returned several days later with several designs as well as numerous samples of deck material for us to review. He assisted us in picking the design as well as the materials. He immediately measured the dimensions of the proposed deck by hand as well as computer. At that time, he advised as to the date and time he would return for the demolition of my old deck and the building of my new deck.

I advised Brandon that I wanted him to start the construction and not stop the construction until the job was completed, and he promised to do the same. He promptly appeared at the aforesaid date and time was several tradesmen, demolished my old deck, and continued working on my new deck every day, consistently, without interruption until the job was completed. The men that he employed were excellent craftsmen who worked 9 to 10 hours a day only stopping for lunch.

I was required by the city where I reside to obtain several permits as well as several inspections conducted by two city inspectors, both of which advised me that the construction was nothing short of excellent and it exceeded the city ordinance requirements. Needless to say, I was nothing less than thoroughly impressed.



Beautiful craftsmanship, friendly and professional.  Competitive prices. Everything you would want in experience and so much more.  Excellent understanding of the DREAM and VISION. Couldn't be happier with the experience.  Thank you Brandon and your Awesome crew.



These guys are the real deal, True Craftsmen. I really appreciated the way they pay attention to fine details throughout the job. They work together like a fine tuned machine. I couldn't have been more impressed. I love my new Deck!